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Registration Open for Coherence Advantage™ Program

January 24 @ 8:00 am February 11 @ 5:00 pm

Resilience skills for clear choices, optimal function, innovative action

How Do We Define Coherence?

Heart coherence is a state of being—grounded in our physiology—an optimal state in which our heart, mind, body, and emotions all work in sync. We experience a deep connection—a symphony, if you will—an energetic musical communication between our internal systems and our beingness. There is harmony between our cardiovascular, nervous, hormonal, and immune systems. Learning to activate the qualities of the heart such as appreciation, kindness and care increases and helps to sustain heart coherence, which facilitates physiological coherence, which in turn supports emotional coherence, ultimately assisting cognitive coherence. The coherent power of the heart communicates with the brain, impacting decision making, creativity, and self-regulation. When in coherence, we can maintain power and poise, build our resilience, and operate from our best selves. We speak with more grace, listen more deeply, and conduct our lives with a brain that is operating at its optimum—less mental and emotional pressure—better decision making—wiser choices—clearer communication—deeper connections—and the ability to access our inner wisdom whenever needed. We are calm, balanced, and feel in control of our emotional world. This sounds wonderful but how do we learn to live in this state of Beingness? Join our Coherent Coach Series to find out and experience for yourselves. 

Classes Starting February 12th
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Dr. Kathy Norwood

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