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We envision the creation of a world-wide movement that paves the way for transformational leaders and coaches to become highly qualified for professional coach credentialing with the International Coach Federation. As catalysts of change, these leaders are visionaries who embrace foundational evidence-based approaches while also transcending convention to achieve individual and systemic transformation. In our customized intensive workshops and individual coaching services we emphasize knowledge-based approaches to leadership and coaching that provide a deep foundation for educators’ continuous development. We aim to awaken the genius and passion that transforms great educators into brilliant ones. Our unique blend of tradition and innovation engenders the next generation of leaders and coaches with greater ability to inspire, envision, problem-solve, and communicate while building resilience in themselves and others.

International Academy of Professional Coaching


International Academy of Professional Coaching offers Level 2 ICF Accredited coach education. We provide this through trainings that are evidence-based—grounded in theory, research, and practice. Our aim is to offer a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that will help you excel in your career and prepare you to move toward ICF certification as a professional coach.


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Kathy has the gift of inspiring passion and deep commitment to the power of transformational coaching. Her joy and compassion ignite hope and new purpose in the hearts and souls of educators, as she invites them to refresh, revitalize, and reimagine their calling.

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Coherence Advantage™: Maximizing Power and Poise!

Resilience skills for clear choices, optimal function, and innovative action. Learn to build your resilience and a strong sense of personal well-being and optimal performance in the workplace.

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Coaches Evolve will take your insights and abilities to a whole new level through training, workshops and webinars. It is with our delight that we are able to bring you advanced training in a variety of ways, helping to bridge the profession of coaching with educational coaching.

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