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Accelerate Transformative Growth

Dr. Norwood offers a variety of workshops for leaders and coaches (Birth to 5, K-12, Graduate Level). Until recently, trainings have been face-to-face and held in school districts, Educational Services Districts (ESDs), hotels, and Las Vegas casinos. Burke and Norwood are now creating online webinars to offer professional development and will continue in the future to offer both face-to-face and webinars. 

Effective coaching is rooted in a belief that honors our human drive for continuous growth and learning. Most coaching that is offered in schools today is better defined as consulting and mentoring. Those coaches who are masterful at what they do, teach others how to implement best practices. Teaching, advising, and recommendations are core to this approach. 

So how is professional coaching different from consulting and mentoring? How does one integrate coaching into the established approach and what are the benefits? Come learn with Kathy by signing up for one of the pre-requisite courses. Once leaders and coaches have taken one of the two pre-requisite courses, they are then free to take advanced coach trainings.

All courses follow a similar format and include the teaching of theory, research, and ICF’s (International Coach Federation) core competencies. Kathy models coaching, content is covered, materials are read, partners practice coaching, and an action plan is completed for next steps.

Program Schedule Note – Covid-19

We are currently updating our program schedule to reflect COVID-19 restrictions. At this point we plan to launch the International Academy of Professional Coaching in August 2020, date TBD. We will offer several online informationals that include scheduling details in July. Please email us to sign up for email notifications of these dates, and please return to this page for more details. We are also in the process of transferring our 1- to 3-day workshops to a virtual platform. Please sign up to receive email notifications for further updates.   

Kathy Norwood is an excellent instructor and trainer.  Her trainings are rich and textured and the time flies. I learned so much that was applicable immediately and I had fun. Each time I’ve attended a session, she’s also led a fishbowl coaching session. Watching Kathy coach a single person while the entire room watches the coachee’s transformation is electrifying and unforgettable.

– Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk, ACC,  Instructional Coach, NCSD

Pre-requisite Courses (3 days)

School Coaching for Transformational Change: What Is It and How Do You Do It?

Transformational Leader as Coach

Advanced Coach Trainings (1 and 2 days)

Explore the incredible benefits each one of these trainings offers to enhance your leading and coaching. All courses offer professional development credits and/or ICF CCE’s. 

Appreciative Leadership and Coaching

Coaching for Equity

The Neurosciences and Coaching

Change Models

Mental Models

The Immunity to Change Model

The 5 States of Mind

Team Coaching and Performance

Other Trainings

Building Resiliency in your Professional and Personal Life

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